On This Day - 1 November

RADM Cyprian A. G. Bridge, RN, was appointed Flag Officer Commanding the Australia Station. His flagship was HMS ORLANDO.
RADM Hugo L. Pearson, RN, was appointed Flag Officer Commanding the Australia Station. His flagship was HMS ROYAL ARTHUR.
RADM Sir Lewis A. Beaumont, KCMG, RN, was appointed Flag Officer Commanding the Australia Station. His flagship was HMS ROYAL ARTHUR.
The first convoy of 28 troop ships sailed from Albany, WA, for Egypt. The escort comprised HMA Ships MELBOURNE and SYDNEY, (cruisers), HMS MINOTAUR, and the Japanese cruiser IBUKI.
The Ex-Navalmens Association was inaugurated in Melbourne, with approximately 100 members. In 1922, the China Naval Contingent Association, (which had been formed in 1901), was amalgamated with the Association. In 1960 the name was changed to The Naval Association of Australia, and currently has 90 sub-sections throughout Australia, and 52 Ship Associations which are affiliated with the Association.
ADML Sir Ragnar Colvin, RN, was appointed First Naval Member and Chief of Naval Staff.
RADM John George Crace, CB, an Australian-born officer of the RN, was appointed Flag Officer Commanding the Australian Squadron, taking over from CDRE W. Patterson, RN. His flagship was HMAS AUSTRALIA.
HMAS AUSTRALIA, (cruiser), arrived at Desolation Island to search for a German raider. The cruiser laid a minefield before departing. Post-war records showed the island had been used by the raider ORION for a refit, some time before AUSTRALIA's visit. CMDR A. S. Rosenthal, RAN, was awarded the DSO for outstanding gallantry while commanding HMAS NESTOR, (destroyer), during Operation Substance, the passing of a convoy from the west to Malta, on 15 December CMDR A. S. Rosenthal, RAN, was awarded a Bar to the DSO for the sinking of a German submarine in the Atlantic.
HMAS QUIBERON, (destroyer), was part of Force 'Q' which destroyed an Italian supply convoy. HMAS QUICKMATCH, (destroyer), was involved in the destruction of the Italian ship CORTELLAZZO off Capr Finisterre.
HMAS SHROPSHIRE, (cruiser), narrowly evaded torpedoes fired by USS ABNER READ, (destroyer), off Leyte. Minutes before, the destroyer had been turned into a fireball when a Japanese kamikaze aircraft crashed into her.
New Queen's Colours were presented to the RAN by His Excellency, the Governor General at a special parade held at Olympic Park No.2 in Melbourne.
ANZUK Force, Australia-New Zealand-United Kingdom, was established.
The Australian 200 nautical mile fishing zone was proclaimed, greatly increasing the surveillance role of the RAN.
HMAS CANBERRA, (guided missile frigate), shadowed the Russian ship FRUNZE, (guided missile cruiser), in the South China Sea. FRUNZE was on passage to Cam Ranh Bay.
The mine hunter inshore HMAS RUSHCUTTER, (LCDR G. Mapson, RAN), was commissioned at Sydney. Her sister-ship HMAS SHOALWATER, was commissioned a year later. A plan to bring into service six of the class was envisaged, (others to be named WESTERNPORT, DISCOVERY, ESPERANCE, and MELVILLE), however this never eventuated.
DISCON, the first totally secure communication system, was inaugurated in Australian Defence Forces.
'On This Day' is based on the book "Navy Day by Day: Historic Naval Events in Australia and Abroad" written by the late Lew Lind. More information.

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