Australian Naval History on 11 November 1986

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Sourced from "Navy Day by Day: Historic Naval Events in Australia and Abroad" written by Lew Lind. (all rights reserved) More information

The Shore Establishment HMAS LEEUWIN, (Fremantle, WA), was decommissioned. The base had begun life as a drill hall in Croke Lane, Fremantle, in 1926, and was commissioned on 1 August 1940. LEEUWIN moved to nearby Preston Point in 1942. Following the end of WWII, the base became a training depot for reserves and national servicemen. In 1960 it became the Junior Recruit Training Establishment; a task it carried out for the next 24 years, producing over 12,000 sailors for service in the RAN. The base is now known as Leeuwin Barracks, and provides support for a number of Tri Service units in the Fremantle area

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