On This Day - 6 May

CAPT H.A. Showers, RAN, assumed command of HMAS SHROPSHIRE, (cruiser). Mrs Ruby Boye, Australia's only woman Coastwatcher, was appointed Honorary Third Officer, WRANS. The Fremantle based US Submarines GURNARD and CREVALLE sank four Japanese ships. GURNARD torpedoed the transports TENSHINZAN MARU, TAIJIMA MARU, and ADEN MARU off the Celebes, and CREVALLE sank the tanker NISSHIN MARU off Brunei.
HMAS LACHLAN carried out a detailed survey of Tarakan Roads. The Fremantle based USS HAMMERHEAD, (submarine), sank the Japanese transport KINKIER MARU off Malaya.
HMA Ships SWAN, COOTAMUNDRA, FREMANTLE, and WARREGO, commenced a detailed survey of the Timor Sea.
The first female officers of the RAN to serve at sea, embarked in the training ship HMAS JERVIS BAY.
Thirty three members of the crew of HMAS OXLEY, (submarine), were given a private audience by Pope John Paul II. It was the first occasion any Australian warship was so honoured.
Nuship MAITLAND, (Armidale class patrol boat), was launched in Austral Shipyard, Henderson, WA. Mrs Jacqueline Rice, (daughter of Mr Jack Breddin, a former sailor who served in the depot HMAS MAITLAND), performed the launching ceremony. Nuship ARARAT, (Armidale class patrol boat), was launched in Austral Shipyard, Henderson, WA. Mrs Jennifer O'Malley, (daughter of LCDR Norman Muzzell, RAN, commander of the former HMAS ARARAT in WWII), performed the launching ceremony.
'On This Day' is based on the book "Navy Day by Day: Historic Naval Events in Australia and Abroad" written by the late Lew Lind. More information.

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