Ships Plans

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Plans are supplied on a CD as a high resolution pdf or jpeg file supporting printing up to A0.

The plans and drawings include over 40 ships and submarines. Modellers will be particularly interested in the package of over 10 drawings and plans for the Aircraft Carrier HMAS Sydney.

Download the Plans & Prices sheet for full details of each set.

Aircraft Carriers:
  • HMAS Albatross
  • HMAS Sydney (III)
  • HMAS Melbourne (II)
  • HMAS Australia (I)
  • HMAS Adelaide (I)
  • HMAS Australia (II)
  • County class Heavy Cruiser
  • HMAS Hobart (I)
  • Leander class Light Cruiser
  • Modified River (Bay) class Frigate
  • HMAS Parramatta (III) & Yarra (III)
  • HMAS Parramatta (III)
  • River class Frigate/D. Escort
  • Adelaide class Frigate
  • Anzac class Frigate
  • HMAS Torrens (I)
  • V & W class Destroyer
  • HMAS Swordsman
  • N class Destroyer
  • Tribal class Destroyer
  • HMAS Queenborough
  • HMAS Anzac (II)
  • HMAS Duchess
  • HMAS Vampire (II) & Vendetta (II)
  • HMAS Voyager (II)
  • HMAS Perth (II)
  • Perth class Destroyer
  • Submarine - B class
  • Submarine - J class
  • Submarine - T class
  • Submarine - Oberon class
  • Submarine - Collins class
Patrol Boats:
  • HMAS Attack
  • HMAS Fremantle (II)
  • Australian Minesweeper
  • Ton class Minesweeper
  • Bay class Minehunter
  • HMAS Paluma (III)
  • HMAS Supply
  • Explorer class General Purpose Vessel
  • HMAS Moresby
  • HMAS Stalwart
  • Bronzewing class Harbour Tug
  • Torpedo Recovery Vessel
  • Balikpapan class LCH
  • HMAS Westralia (II)
  • HMAS Cook
  • HMAS Tobruk (II)
  • HMAS Protector (II)
  • HMAS Success (II)
WW2 Naval Weapons:
20mm Oerlikon (Mk VIIA Single Mount), 40/60 Bofors (Mk V Twin Mount), 40/60 Bofors (Mk VII Single Mount), QF 4 inch (HA Mk XIX Twin Mount), QF 4 inch (HA Mk XXIII Single Mount)